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  • Greg  |   Dec 10 2020
    Q. Are there commissions on buying dinar?
    A. We don’t charge commissions. The only additional fees are for shipping and for processing the payment.
  • Roy  |   FL  |   Dec 3 2020
    Q. Do you accept a debit card as a form of payment?
    A. Unfortunately, we do not offer credit cards as a method of payment.
  • Nov 19 2020
    Q. I am looking to buy a roll of (Mexico) $10 peso coin. Is that coin available in a roll?
    A. Unfortunately, we only exchange banknotes.
  • Greg N  |   CA  |   Nov 12 2020
    Q. We purchased $200 of Dinar currency in 2011, uncirculated Iraqi Dinar 25k. Are these worth anything today? If so how do we sell them.

    As long as you hold the new currency of Iraq, the currency can be exchanged with our service. Please look here for the process.

  • Anna K  |   Nov 5 2020
    Q. Are there any US states that you don't ship orders to?
    A. We ship to all but a handful of states. If your state shows up when you place an order, then we service that state.
  • Oct 9 2020
    Q. I see that you're back-ordered on a particular currency that was recently available. When will it be available again?
    A. The supply of many popular currencies are not currently available at pre-pandemic levels, and we therefore run out more quickly. We ask that you check back on a regular basis; all currencies are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Jul 14 2020
    Q. When will my order ship?
    A. As soon as we receive our next normal supply shipment, we should be able to clear any order in the cue at that time. Unfortunately, we do not yet have an estimated time of arrival.
  • Jul 14 2020
    Q. Why is my order not shipping?
    A. Our supply chain has been disrupted by the pandemic and we have not been receiving our normal supply shipments. When we do receive shipments, they have been far less than what we had ordered. We are shipping orders in the order that they were approved.

81-88 of 194