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$20.15 per 1k RUB

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$12.06 per 1k RUB

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Russian ruble, Canadian dollar rise on OPEC deal news

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$12.48 / 1k
$13.55 / 1k

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Russian Ruble, RUB

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Controlled by the Central Bank of Russia ( The RUB continues to be affected by the oil price shock, escalating capital outflows, and damaging economic sanctions. The Russian ruble (RUB) continued to extend its losses and suffered its largest one-day decline on Dec 1st against the US dollar (USD) — less than a month after allowing the RUB to float freely. The RUB’s slide reflects the fact that Russia is among the most exposed to falling oil prices and is particularly vulnerable to OPEC’s recent decision to maintain its supply target of 30-million-barrels per day.

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Official & Market Exchange Rates

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1k Ruble Equals $13.55 USD

As of 7:45 AM  |  Jan 19, 2021 Exchange Rates

  • 90 Days
  • 1 Year
  • 3 Years

1k Ruble Equals $20.12 USD

As of 7:45 AM  |  Jan 19, 2021

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