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  • May 8 2020
    Q. Are there any limits on buying and selling currency during this pandemic?
    A. Depending on available inventory, we may need to limit the volume we can exchange of certain currencies, including the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong.
  • Apr 23 2020
    Q. Is there any way to speed my order up during this pandemic?

    If your order has been delayed, it may be possible for us to ship your order right away if you are willing to substitute a different denomination or note quality. Please contact us at to see which substitutions may be available.

  • Apr 16 2020
    Q. With the pandemic going on, have you stopped exchanging any currencies?
    A. We have never stopped exchanging any currencies. However, the challenges surround Covid-19 have slowed our ability to process orders as usual.
  • Apr 16 2020
    Q. With the pandemic going on, will I still be paid for my redemption within 24 hours?
    A. Yes.
  • Anna  |   Apr 10 2020
    Q. Are there any US states that you don't ship orders?
    A. We ship to all but a handful of states. If your state shows up when you place an order, then we service that state.
  • Ricky  |   Nebraska  |   Apr 3 2020
    Q. so there is a range on value of the dinar. If none of the notes are damaged is it the high number?
    A. Here's some information on how the quality of the notes is determined:
  • Sharon   |   Georgia  |   Mar 26 2020
    Q. can you show me how the box is suppose to look to send it to you

    Yes! Please view this link, which contains specific instructions on how to pack your currency. We would also recommend watching this video, which describes the entire redemption process.

  • Don  |   Mar 19 2020
    Q. Zimbabwe currency, why am I not able to convert to US dollars at the bank?
    A. The currency of Zimbabwe (ZWL) was delisted in 2009. The Zimbabwean banknotes that exist today are collectibles but have no official value. only exchanges current, valid legal tender.

89-96 of 194