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When we founded our company in 2004, we offered two exclusive services: buying and selling Iraqi Dinar. Nineteen years later, the Iraqi Dinar is one of 79 different currencies we exchange and remains among our most popular offering. Throughout it all, we have maintained a spotless A+ BBB rating.

The Iraqi Dinar

While the history of the Iraqi Dinar goes back to 1932, the New Iraqi Dinar currently in circulation was implemented by the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) in 2003. This is the sole variety of Dinar exchanged on In 2014, additional security features were integrated into Dinar banknotes, but these changes have no bearing on the value of the notes.

Why Sell to

Whatever your needs, our role as a currency exchange is to facilitate your transaction as quickly as possible - typically 1 business day, the fastest turnaround in our industry - while providing you the best rate for your currency. We rely on FedEx for priority overnight delivery.

How Much Is The Iraqi Dinar Worth?

The rates we offer are determined by the current exchange rate set by the CBI, as well as the quality of your Iraqi bank notes, among other factors. Please review our note condition guidelines to determine the category by which your Dinar will be treated.

If you are not confident that now is the perfect time to exchange your Dinar, consider signing up for our exchange rate alerts, a free customizable service.

Is Selling Iraqi Dinar a Scam?

While the majority of currency-related scams pertain to the buying of currency, we feel it is important to raise this issue. The Iraqi Dinar is a perfectly legitimate currency for goods and services within The Republic of Iraq. When receiving your currency, we use a third-party, professional armored services company with decades of experience in handling international currency to receive, count, verify and grade your currency.

Selling your Iraqi Dinar is no more a scam than buying or selling any of the other 79 currencies that we exchange. The potential for a "scam" comes into play when a buyer or seller misrepresents their own "inside knowledge" of a sudden, dramatic future change in value, or exhibits any of the scam tactics outlined in our Money Talks blog post.

Sell Your Dinar Now

The FAQ below should handle many of your Dinar-related questions. If not, simply click the chat bubble on the bottom-right of your screen to make use of our live chat service, or contact us directly via email.

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How It Works

Why has been the industry leader in exotic currency exchange for over 20 years. These are just some of the reasons why we've earned the most customer trust in the business.


  • US Treasury Registered is registered with the United States Treasury as a Money Service Business (MSB).

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  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured

    In addition to federal registration, we hold eight state-specific licenses as a currency exchange. Where required, bonds are held as well.

  • Better Business Bureau

    We have been an accredited business with the BBB since 2005 and have an A+ rating. We have received thousands of inquiries and have no complaints.

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  • Certificate of Authenticity

    Every order includes a packing slip with a unique hologram which becomes our certification of authenticity. We guarantee that every note has been run through currency counters with country-specific software for each of the currencies we exchange.

  • Reputation

    No BBB complaints, thousands of customer reviews, and the oldest exotic currency exchange online.

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  • Safe and Secure

    You always have the option to receive your order Collect on Delivery - you don't have to pay until you receive the currency in hand.


  • Lowest Price Guarantee

    We promise to offer the most competitive price on the web amongst the other reputable dealers. If you find a better rate, let us know and we will promise to match or beat it.

  • 24/7/365 Support

    Reach a live person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at our toll free number.

  • Buy Back Program

    Thousands of customers have taken advantage of our easy-to-use buyback service. Enjoy a convenient process and receipt of your payment within two business days!

  • Expedited Shipping

    Overnight shipping is available for orders placed by 2pm EDT. Receive your order the very next day.

  • Professional

    Our currency specialists can help you place a buy or sell order and will answer any questions you may have. All of our orders are handled by a third party armored facility.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

    We guarantee 100% satisfaction in every aspect of your transaction. If you have a concern, let us know and we promise to find an appropriate solution.


  • Loyalty Rewards

    Returning and volume-order clients enjoy rewards, including free shipping, denomination upgrades, order discounts, and much more!

  • Exchange Rate Alerts

    With the latest update to our first-in-the-industry notification service, you can set your own parameters and receive alerts on changes in exchange rates.

  • Currency Dashboard

    Our currency dashboard features all the information you need on exchange rates, travel information, economy and more. Find the latest news on every currency we exchange in one place.

  • Payment Options

    We offer ACH and Pay-by-Mail payment options for your convenience. All you need is a cashier's or bank check.

  • Large Order Discounts

    The larger the order, the better the rate. See our Buy Currency page, or contact us at 877-723-3391.

  • History

    Our web site is the oldest continuously operating exotic currency exchange online. We have completed over 120,000 successful transactions.

Top FAQs About Selling Currency

Q How long does the process take?
  • Your RA can be issued as soon as we confirm that we have your ID on file.
  • Your payment will be shipped within one business day of the day that your currency is received.
  • Checks are sent via your choice of Fedex Priority overnight, FedEX Standard overnight or FedEX Two Day. (these are all Business Day deliveries, not weekend or Holidays).
  • Direct Deposit ACH payment should be in your account 1-2 business days .
Q How do I send my currency to you?
  • Package the currency exactly according to the instructions that are emailed to you with your RA. Please see our redemption packaging instructions for more information.
  • Include a copy of the RA form
  • You may choose any shipping company
Q Who pays the shipping costs?
  • Sending currency to us - If you did not purchase a FedEx label with your order, you are responsible for the shipping cost when sending the currency to us.
  • Your payment - $30 FedEx fee (deducted from your check)
Q How will I get paid?
A You have a choice of receiving either a business check(in U.S. dollars) sent via FedEx (you choose either next business day or 2 business day service) or you may choose ACH(direct Deposit) in which case your payment will be made directly to your checking account on the next business day following the receipt of your bank notes.
Q How quickly will I get paid if I send my currency to you?
A If you choose ACH/(Direct Deposit) you will receive your payment within one business day of your currency being delivered to our facility(please note that currency received after the cut off will be sent on the following business day. If you choose to be paid by check, we guarantee you that your check will be delivered within one or two business days depending on the service that you choose.

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    Safe Dinar is exactly what their name implies. SAFE. The Fast reliable way to purchase or sell you Dinar

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    Great transaction! Very easy to deal with, seems like I got a good exchange for Iraq Dinar. Everything went good! Thanks

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    Thank you for great and fast service, very pleased with the ease of using the website.

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    your always very efficient.

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    First transaction since 2019. Worked with SD since 2014. Always great service and smooth efficient process. Love the new ACH option. This was a redemption order - ordered and approved on Monday, shipped out Monday, ACH in bank Friday. Outstanding, would recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell foreign currency. Safe Dinar is AAA+

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