Covid Impact: has had to react to many challenges(government restrictions, border closings, flight cancellations etc…) some of these conditions will limit the volume that we can exchange(buying and selling) of certain currencies including the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong for the foreseeable future. All orders are shipped in the order in which they are approved. If your order has been delayed it may be possible for us to ship your order right away if you are willing to substitute a different denomination or note quality. Redemptions - Approved Redemptions are always processed and paid within 24 hours. We want you to know that we appreciate your business and that we are working diligently to get back to normal as quickly as possible. We thank you for your business. Please be safe.

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  • Jane  |   US  |   Oct 31 2019
    Q. Is there a dollar limit on the Sell exchange amount
    A. There's currently a $5,000 USD value limit per transaction for purchases and sales. Our administrators would be happy to work with you on larger transactions. When you enter the transaction, just send an email along with the desired amount(s) and we'll contact you shortly thereafter- during normal business hours.
  • Corey  |   Dallas  |   Oct 24 2019
    Q. What do i need exactly to buy currency through your company?

    To buy currency from us, all you need is proof of ID and a cashier’s check.

  • Travis  |   New York  |   Oct 14 2019
    Q. I want to get paid by direct deposit for my redemption, but I don’t have a voided check. What can I do?
    A. No problem, you have several other options: a direct deposit form from your bank, a copy of a bank statement, or any other documentation containing your bank account and routing numbers will do!
  • Ken  |   Jul 5 2019
    Q. How do I store my dinar?

    If you’re trying to keep your notes in uncirculated condition, store them in a plastic bag in a dark, cool, dry and safe. Light, heat, and dirt are the main threats to uncirculated quality. For additional information on storage, see this FAQ.

  • Dorothy  |   Texas  |   Jun 10 2019
    Q. I requested and received an RA, but made a mistake on the number of notes. Do I have to wait a month and request a new RA?

    Getting the note count exactly right on your RA is extremely important. If you can’t correct the mistake and send it with an error, we can’t guarantee the immediate execution of the redemption. If you know this has occurred, contact us immediately so we can work to resolve the situation.

  • Brooke  |   Apr 19 2019
    Q. Why don’t you accept notes with holes?
    A. If a note has been extremely damaged, we’re unable to sell them, and therefore we don’t redeem them. This includes significant tears and holes in the note.
  • Nov 20 2018
    Q. Do you provide help with placing an order?

    Of course! We’re happy to offer phone assistance when placing an order. If you’re making a redemption, we recommend you first read our packaging instructions. For a detailed breakdown of the redemption process, take a look at our in-depth redemption article.

  • Sep 19 2018
    Q. Do you have instructions on how to package currency?

    Yes! Take a look at our redemption packing instructions, as well as our in-depth article all about redemptions.

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