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  • Amy  |   Aug 11 2022
    Q. What is the exchange rate per dinar/dollar?

    You may look up an exchange rate through this link. Please keep in mind that exchange rates may fluctuate at any time.

  • Larry  |   Jul 21 2022
    Q. Do u have a phone number that I can talk to a real person?
    A. Our phone number is (877)723-3391. Our office is staffed Mon - Fri 9 am 5 pm (EST). If our office is closed, you will be redirected to our answering service, and you may leave a message for a callback the next business day.
  • Gary  |   Jul 7 2022
    Q. How much would 250 Million Iraqi dinar cost me

    You may look up an exchange rate here. Please keep in mind that exchange rates may fluctuate at any time.

  • Susan  |   Jun 16 2022
    Q. If I call to redeem and the rate is shown to be a certain amount. I send in my currency and the rate changes what will be paid?

    The rate of redemption is established once the redemption request is made through our website.

  • Tammy  |   May 5 2022
    Q. Who buys Zimbabwe currency?
    A. We are sorry to say we do not have this information.
  • Diane  |   May 5 2022
    Q. can I just take my Iraqi currency in to a local Wells Fargo?
    A. Please know not all bank branches exchange all currency. However, if they confirm that they are able to then yes, that would be an option.
  • Jose  |   Apr 28 2022
    Q. I need a shipping address to send a money order
    A. Once an order is placed, all instructions for verification documents will be on the screen and emailed to you. Our orders are COD (collected on delivery), therefore there is no need to mail in the money order.
  • Martha  |   Apr 14 2022
    Q. I just purchased the Dong I noticed today that the Dong has gone down 0.04 percent. Will I be reimbursed?
    A. Currency is exchanged with the market rate of the day your purchase was completed.

25-32 of 194