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    Traveling Safely: A Brief Guide


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  • Jun 20 2024
    Q. How do we set up an ACH direct bank transfer?
    A. Once you select the option for ACH/WT payment, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to proceed via email.
  • Brian  |   Ontario  |   May 30 2024
    Q. I’m in Ontario Canada on the border with Michigan. I have a Michigan address that you would ship to. Can I purchase currencies through you guys?
    A. Due to regulations, SafeD customers must reside within the United States and have a current US government-issued ID.
  • Natalie  |   Louisiana  |   Nov 30 2023
    Q. Can I pay for a COD order in cash?
    A. As of July 2023, our shipping carriers no longer offer the COD service.