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  • Currency Revaluation or "Reval"

    Currency Revaluation or "Reval"


    We would like to address some of the facts about the revaluation process and shed some light on the history of currency revaluations (and devaluations). As a preface to this discussion, we would like to reiterate that this article is a purely academi... Read More

  • Quality and Denomination - Considerations When You Buy Iraqi Dinar

    Quality and Denomination - Considerations When You Buy Iraqi Dinar


    We receive many questions from clients about the condition and denomination of the bank notes we buy and sell, so in this edition of Money Talks, we'd like to take a moment to address some of the most common questions we receive. Many of our question... Read More

  • Is it safe to buy Iraqi Dinar issued before 2014?

    Is it safe to buy Iraqi Dinar issued before 2014?


    We have received several questions about buying "old" currency. Some information available on the web suggests that older series of Iraqi notes—specifically series issued before 2014—may not be accepted as legal tender. We'd like to assur... Read More



  • Juan   |   Usa   |   Oct 5 2016
    Q. Do I need a driver license? Or I can use other I'd? I'm from Mexico and I just have my consular Id and a Mexican passport
    A. Other forms of ID are acceptable.  If you wish to place an order, a representative of our compliance team can work with you to make sure we would be receiving appropriate documents.
  • John  |   Virginia  |   Oct 4 2016
    Q. Hello, If I were to order batches of $1000 or more of IQD would it be possible to obtain only post-2014 uncirculated banknotes? Thank you.
    A. While we may have post-2014 bank notes in inventory at times, we do not separate them from any other uncirculated notes and are not able to fill orders on request with them.  All notes issued after 2003 are legal tender in Iraq and have the same value.  We recently shared an article related to this matter here:
  • Paul   |   Amarillo, tx   |   Sep 20 2016
    Q. What is the Iraqi Dinar worth now?
    A. Current official rates, as well as both our buying and selling rates can always be found on the Currency Dashboard page:
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