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  • Kevin   |   Florida   |   Feb 7 2017
    Q. How many dinar can a person hold and / sell? I heard a person can only hold one million dinars.
    A. Like any other currency, there is no limit on how much an individual may own. In terms of selling, we have a $5,000 USD limit for first-time customers selling currency back to us.
  • Anonymous  |   Feb 6 2017
    Q. Can you please explain the red/green Buy/Sell/Mkt info on your homepage? What is it telling me?
    A. The Buy rate is the rate we charge if you were to buy currency from us.
    The Sell rate is the rate we pay if you sell currency back to us.
    The Market rate is the rate that banks and financial institutions exchange the currency at.
    The rate is colored green if it has increased in the past day relative to the USD or colored red if it has decreased.
  • Rachel. Fannin  |   Freeport fl.  |   Feb 1 2017
    Q. Can u buy small amounts like 100,000 at a time?
    A. We have a minimum order amount of $250, so while you can buy 100,000 of one denomination, you'd need to buy another to meet the order minimum.