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  • How can I trust you? 9 things you should know before using a currency exchange

    How can I trust you? 9 things you should know before using a currency exchange


    To help you safely navigate your options, we've identified 9 things you should know about your currency dealer before making a purchase. Read More

  • Currency Scams: Staying Safe

    Currency Scams: Staying Safe


    For every legitimate business offering currency exchange, there are numerous scams. This article outlines some of the prominent scam tactics witnessed in our 12 years in the industry. Read More

  • Currency Revaluation or "Reval"

    Currency Revaluation or "Reval"


    We would like to address some of the facts about the revaluation process and shed some light on the history of currency revaluations (and devaluations). As a preface to this discussion, we would like to reiterate that this article is a purely... Read More



  • Joan  |   Louisiana  |   Mar 23 2017
    Q. Do we have to pay taxes on foreign currency?
    A. No, currency is not taxed.
  • Brian Chism   |   Granbury TX   |   Mar 22 2017
    Q. If and when the Dinar revalues do you exchange? If not can you direct me to the right place or company that does and what's the process?
    A. We've been both buying and selling IQD for over 12 years. We have a new video to describe the exchange process that you can view:
  • Jay  |   New York  |   Mar 9 2017
    Q. My son is going to be going to France soon - do you sell the Euro?
    A. Yes, we exchange over 70 different currencies at this time. You will find that our rates are very competitive and because you will be paying with a bank check will not be faced with additional charges from your credit card company.