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  • The Chinese Yuan/Renminbi: A Traveler's Guide

    The Chinese Yuan/Renminbi: A Traveler's Guide


    China looms large on the global stage as the world’s most populous country, second largest economy, and largest exporter. Its renminbi currency — which translates to “people’s currency” — also plays an increasingly key role in global trade and... Read More

  • The British Pound: A Traveler's Guide

    The British Pound: A Traveler's Guide


    The British pound sterling, colloquially known as the pound, quid, bob, and countless other names — is thought to be the oldest currency still in circulation. This resilient currency has endured for over 1200 years, and remains the fourth most... Read More

  • Your Hard Currency Questions, Answered

    Your Hard Currency Questions, Answered


    In recent months, we’ve received many questions regarding currency, markets, and geopolitical trends. In this Q&A round-up, we will address as many of these matters as we can. Got a question you don’t see here? Submit it through our Q&A form Read More


  • Natalie  |   Louisiana  |   May 25 2023
    Q. Can I pay for a COD order in cash?
    A. COD orders can only be paid for with a cashier's check or money order from a bank or credit union. Once an order is placed, you'll see detailed instructions for your check.
  • Steven  |   May 4 2023
    Q. Do you deliver to Thailand?
    A. We are currently only licensed for transactions within the United States.
  • Kansas  |   Apr 13 2023
    Q. I need to know the exact amount to make the Bank Check for on my order.
    A. Please log in to your customer profile and order on our website. The total for the order should be displayed. You should also have received an email confirmation with the total including shipping.