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  • Alesia  |   MI  |   Apr 9 2021
    Q. I purchase currency and give it to someone else, they exchange it at a higher rate. Who is responsible for the taxes on the difference?
    A. We do not offer any advice on taxes—we recommend that you contact a tax professional.
  • David  |   NV  |   Apr 2 2021
    Q. Do you have a physical location (an office) in las vegas NV where you can buy from?
    A. We service all of Nevada, but we're an internet-based company and don't offer any walk-in service in any state.
  • J  |   VA  |   Mar 26 2021
    Q. Do you have a layaway plan for Dinar?
    A. We do not offer layaway programs.
  • Artis  |   CO  |   Mar 18 2021
    Q. Can I purchase 63,000,000 Dong in one order?

    Please contact customer service at or visit our Wholesale page.

  • Tim  |   IL  |   Mar 12 2021
    Q. I have Afghani money. I have various bills including 10000. I do not see 10000 bills on the chart.
    A. We only exchange banknotes that are currently in use.
  • Leo  |   AL  |   Mar 9 2021
    Q. Do I need to endorse the cashier's check that is made out to safe D?
    A. No.
  • John  |   Mar 4 2021
    Q. Who do I make the bank check out to?
    A. "SafeD"
  • Sheila  |   TN  |   Feb 25 2021
    Q. What if my currency is not “uncirculated”? Do you still exchange?
    A. As long as it’s legal tender and the quality is good enough that it can pass through the scanners at our armored service, we will exchange it.

65-72 of 194