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$974.00 / 1M
$779 $1,169

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Flag of Iraq Iraqi Dinar, IQD
$974.00 / 1M
$697.00 / 1M
$857.63 / 1M
As of 8:00am on 07/27/2015

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right on time , everything as promised

Everyone is always so business and friendly. I have been happy with both times I have ordered

The person I talked with was very nice and easy to understand. Placing the order was very simple and it arrived on the day it was supposed to and within two minutes of the time I was expecting it.F...

Thanks for the great service.

excellent service

Thanks! Nicely done! B-

Your service was quick and painless. Thank-you for answering all my questions.

Very polite and friendly people to deal with.

You guys are the best. I love the COD next-day delivery. Thanks!

great service......enuff said

Thanks for super fast service. I bought from another company last time and I think it took 2 months after 2 "unavoidable delays"! I'll be purchasing from again for sure. Tha...

Very smooth transaction. Couldn't be better. Thank you very much.

Customer Service personnel were outstanding and polite.

Everything went very smooth with my order. I had my Dinars in 24hrs. after I placed the order. thanks so much

AWESOME!!! Ordered after 3pm one day. Rcvd by noon very next day. Mint condition and best in customer service of any industry. These guys are here for their customers, bottom line. Thanks guys....k...

really fast. proffessional .and great.

I had a very pleasant experience purchasing my Dinars through SAFE Dinars, I wasn't there to 2 recieved my shipment however I was able to pick them up from my Local Fedex and the completed transact...

Iam very happy with the services you provided to me. I had several people purchase a couple of million dinars from your site. I will be ordering another million with in a couple of days. Thank you ...


Great customer service. Shipment was received at requsted location with no problems... Thank you.

great service

was so surprised that an order from another company took two weeks to get here and in that waiting time I called and ordered with you and within a few days got my order,,,,before the other company ...

So far so good!Haven't opened the bag yet but am certain everything is correct. VV

As usual, SafeDinar lives up to its reputation: No hassle simplified order process; next day FedEx delivery; complete documentation; and friendly customer service. I have learned, through experienc...

Great speed in delivery. Thanks!

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