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  • Lindsay  |   Mississippi  |   Aug 19 2016
    Q. If I am to spend over 100,000 USD on buying currency, I would need to come to a physical location to do the transaction. How to do this?

    We do not have any walk in locations, however, we are able to service any size order request. A dedicated currency specialist can assist you with all of the details of a wholesale order.  You can reach us at 1.877.723.3391 for that assistance or send an email to and a staff member will contact you.

  • Andrew  |   Arizona  |   Aug 16 2016
    Q. When I purchase currency, i.e., Dong or Dinar, will I get a certificate of authenticity?

    Yes, every order is issued a certificate of authenticity that will be included in your package.

  • AYLWIN MATHEW THENGAMPALLIL  |   Canada  |   Aug 16 2016
    Q. i am from canada i want to exchange some of my canadian dollar so i get more canadian dollar by selling does it works here

    We only conduct transactions with customers that reside in the US. Our registration does not allow us to do complete exchange transactions with customers outside of the US.

  • Jimmy B.  |   AMARILLO, TX  |   Aug 10 2016
    Q. Is the dinar bought in 2012 good?
    A. Any note issued after 2003 is legal tender, and the value would not be affected based on when it was printed.
    ​We recently published an article on the subject:​
  • Michael  |   Aug 9 2016

    I see you have a $5,000 limit on an order to sell currency, but I have 100 million IQD I would like to get rid of.  Can I do that?


    Yes, we have a wholesale department that can handle larger transactions. Please contact us with questions or assistance at 1.877.723.3391.

  • Aug 9 2016
    Q. Where do we exchange dinar in VA

    We do not keep track of local walk in facilities through out the country because we offer an exchange service to customers in 47 states.  If you live in Virginia and would like to learn more about our selling process, click here.

  • Larry  |   Oklahoma  |   Aug 9 2016

    Are you going to sell Zim ?


    ​We do not have plans to exchange the Zimbabwean Dollar.  At this time, Zimbabwe is not using that currency​ as their official tender, and as a true currency exchange, we only buy and sell foreign currencies that are being used to buy goods and services.

  • daniel   |   Cheyenne  |   Aug 9 2016
    Q. Want to exchange one bill value @ 25000 for u s money?

    When you sell us your currency, a $25 fee will be deducted from your check to pay for the overnight FedEx fee.  Therefore, if you do not have at least $25 worth of currency, then you would not receive a payment back.  To learn more about our selling process, visit our selling steps page here:

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