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  • J  |   Virginia   |   Nov 29 2019
    Q. Do you have a layaway plan for dinar?
    A. We do not (and have never) offered a layaway program for currency sales. We consider these arrangements to be options contracts, which is an arrangement in which a seller provides the option to buy or sell currency at a later date at an agreed price. At, we do not believe that our license permits us to offer currency options.
  • Ruben   |   Nov 21 2019
    Q. Is safeDinar possibly getting into the Financial Market to sell cryptocurrency ?
    A. There are no plans to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or other digital/cryptocurrencies at this time.
  • Kevin  |   FL  |   Nov 14 2019
    Q. How long for a direct deposit to show up in Acct?
    A. Payment is typically available in one business day, depending upon your financial institution's policies.
  • david  |   las vegas, NV  |   Nov 7 2019
    Q. do you have a physical location (an office) in las vegas NV where you can buy from?
    A. For purposes of security, currency exchanged at is handled entirely by armored car companies. Walk-in services aren't currently available.
  • Jane  |   US  |   Oct 31 2019
    Q. Is there a dollar limit on the Sell exchange amount
    A. There's currently a $5,000 USD value limit per transaction for purchases and sales. Our administrators would be happy to work with you on larger transactions. When you enter the transaction, just send an email along with the desired amount(s) and we'll contact you shortly thereafter- during normal business hours.
  • Corey  |   Dallas  |   Oct 24 2019
    Q. What do i need exactly to buy currency through your company?

    To buy currency from us, all you need is proof of ID and a cashier’s check.

  • Travis  |   New York  |   Oct 14 2019
    Q. I want to get paid by direct deposit for my redemption, but I don’t have a voided check. What can I do?
    A. No problem, you have several other options: a direct deposit form from your bank, a copy of a bank statement, or any other documentation containing your bank account and routing numbers will do!
  • Ken  |   Jul 5 2019
    Q. How do I store my dinar?

    If you’re trying to keep your notes in uncirculated condition, store them in a plastic bag in a dark, cool, dry and safe. Light, heat, and dirt are the main threats to uncirculated quality. For additional information on storage, see this FAQ.

9-16 of 94