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  • RF  |   Feb 3 2023
    Q. Do you have a place to exchange in person?
    A. We are a fully internet-based business and do not have any walk-in locations.
  • DD  |   Jan 26 2023
    Q. It says here all IQD notes are legal tender. Is the Fifty-dollar IQD note legal tender?
    A. All the notes pictured on our website are considered legal tender.
  • SW  |   Jan 19 2023
    Q. Does it have to be a smartphone for verification?

    You may send in verification through email at, by text to (617)600-8723, or upload documents by logging into your profile on our website. You will need to have internet access either through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • CE  |   Jan 12 2023
    Q. How can I exchange my dinars for dollars?

    Sell requests can be entered on this page. The process is very simple and the website takes you through it step by step.

  • JT  |   Jan 12 2023
    Q. I have bought coins and currency in the past from other dealers and NEVER furnished my SSN. Is there another option?
    A. Our company follows regulations requiring an SSN for all orders or combined orders over $1,000.
  • Dec 16 2022
    Q. I want to give currency to a family member who’s traveling. Can you get it to me in time for Christmas?
    A. Yes! We offer next-day FedEx delivery once we’ve gathered the necessary information to ship your order.
  • Dec 15 2022
    Q. I own Iraqi Dinar. How do I confirm the current value?

    The current market rate for Iraqi Dinar can be found on here.

  • Dec 8 2022
    Q. Any speculation on the expected RV?

    We are just an exchange, and do not offer speculation on the future value of any currency. We recommend that you review the related articles posted on our Money Talks page.

9-16 of 194