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  • Christopher  |   RI  |   Jun 24 2021
    Q. Are you shipping to Rhode Island anymore ?
    A. does not complete transactions within Rhode Island.
  • Danny  |   WA  |   Jun 17 2021
    Q. Where is my info to send my Dinars?
    A. If a redemption request is approved, the information for shipping will be provided in your customer profile and e-mail along with the return authorization.
  • Ronald  |   IL  |   Jun 3 2021
    Q. Can I take a photo of my docs with my phone and text them with my phone?

    Please see this page for guidance on sharing documents with us.

  • Bob  |   TN  |   May 27 2021
    Q. Can I mail a picture of my drivers license along with my check?

    Please see this page for guidance on sharing a copy of your ID.

  • Cynthia  |   KS  |   May 20 2021
    Q. where do I mail my currency?

    Please view this link which contains specific instructions on how to pack your currency. We would also recommend watching this video which describes the entire redemption process.

  • JB  |   Texas  |   May 13 2021
    Q. Am I able to sell 250k notes? Thank you.
    A. We need to know what specific currency you’re referring to. If you’re referring to the IQD, there is no 250k note. There is, however, a 250 Dinar note, and we do exchange it.
  • May 6 2021
    Q. Can you please explain the red/green Buy/Sell/Mkt info on your homepage? What is it telling me?
    A. Red symbolizes the exchange rate appreciating in relation to the dollar, and green means that the exchange rate is depreciating in relation to the dollar.
  • Wynona  |   CA  |   Apr 30 2021
    Q. How long does it take for direct deposit to transfer?
    A. Although we quote two business days, over 95% of the time you will receive your direct deposit payment on the next business day (from the day that we received it).

57-64 of 194