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  • Dec 8 2022
    Q. Any speculation on the expected RV?

    We are just an exchange, and do not offer speculation on the future value of any currency. We recommend that you review the related articles posted on our Money Talks page.

  • Maddi  |   Dec 1 2022
    Q. How soon will I receive payment for an order that I send in for redemption?
    A. After your transaction is submitted, instructions to mail in your currency are supplied, and payment is made in US dollars through a direct deposit or check within 48 hours (2 business days) of us receiving and validating it.
  • Nov 17 2022
    Q. Will you accept a personal check from a major bank?
    A. Payments are through cashier’s checks or money orders from a bank or credit union only. We unfortunately do not accept personal checks.
  • Nov 10 2022
    Q. I recently downloaded a copy of my check - how can I see that you have received it?
    A. We provide a dashboard where you can see the status of your orders by simply creating a login when you order. Please email with your order number for further assistance.
  • JJ  |   Florida  |   Oct 20 2022
    Q. How do you determine your rates?
    A. Prices vary depending on several factors such as supply/demand, market rate, and inventory. Our company has competitive prices in regard to other currency exchanges in the country.
  • Oct 6 2022
    Q. I just placed an order. How long does it take for Dinar to be sent COD?
    A. We have two options for delivery: overnight business day, or 2-business day delivery. Orders ship as soon as they are approved, and our daily shipping cutoff is 2pm Eastern Time.
  • Sep 22 2022
    Q. Where do I send the copy of my cashier's check and my ID to?
    A. Once an order is placed on our website, you will see all this information on the screen and will receive it via email as well. Verification documents may be uploaded into your customer profile, or sent via email to, by text to (617)600-8723, or by FAX to (617)467-6400 (we do not usually recommend faxing as the image quality is a bit poor).
  • Cheryl  |   Sep 15 2022
    Q. Could I text the copy of my cashier's check and address verification?
    A. Yes, we have a texting option available. Our text number is (617)600-8723.

17-24 of 195