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  • Janet  |   Myrtle Beach  |   May 27 2016

    I have only bought VND in the past from you, but I may be travelling and was wondering if you exchange the Euro? And what other currencies you may have?


    Yes, we do exchange the Euro, and are able to offer 65 other currencies as well.  If you do not see the currency you want on our Buy Currency page, you can enter your request for a price quote here.

  • Ron  |   Missoula  |   May 25 2016

    Your site will only let me enter an order to sell back $5,000 USD worth or less of currency, but I have more than that I would like to exchange. Is there any way to do that?


    If you wish to sell more that $5,000 USD worth of currency, please send an email request with the specific amount of currency and country of origin to  Your request will be reviewed and we will contact you back to set up a sell order.

  • Sharon  |   Riverside  |   May 24 2016

    I want to sell my currency, but not at your sell rate right now. How do I know if it changes?


    You can sign up for our exchange rate email notifications here.  You can choose to receive an email alert when our sell rate changes above or below a specific amount, or every time there is a change.

  • Sam  |   Nevada  |   May 23 2016

    What does "RV", "reval", or revaluation mean?


    A revaluation is a calculated adjustment to a country's official exchange rate relative to a chosen baseline. The baseline can be anything from wage rates to the price of gold to a foreign currency. [source]

  • Joey  |   Utah  |   May 13 2016
    Q. Does this company do daily deals ?
    A. We do not typically run "daily deals", however, we often run monthly promotions that are announced in our newsletter.  You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of any page on our web site.
  • James  |   Usa  |   May 11 2016
    Q. ZWD good idea?
    A. We do not offer any type of advice in regards to whether a person should buy or sell a specific currency.  We simply operate a currency exchange service.  Currently, we do not exchange the Zimbabwean Dollar.
  • Jimmy  |   Oklahoma city   |   May 10 2016
    Q. What am I looking for with the UV light to show that the Iraqi dinar is valid and legit?
    A. In the dark, the UV light would expose a green rectangle on the bill that has the denomination of the bill written in Arabic. You can see this security feature and others highlighted here:
  • Steve  |   Alabama  |   Apr 27 2016
    Q. I heard the sale of dinar outside of Iraq has been stopped. Has there been a change?
    A. There has been no change in regards to the conversion services available for the Iraqi Dinar, or any of the other dozens of currencies we offer.  As we approach our 12th year in business, we continue to offer our exchange services for the Dinar and other currencies.

177-184 of 194