Selling Currency FAQs

Selling Currency


Q: How does the process work?
  1. Choose the currency you'd like to sell and complete the form on the subsequent 'Sell Currency' page.
  2. Proceed to checkout and place your order. If requested, send in a copy of your government issued ID or other verification information by following the provided instructions.
  3. If your order is approved, a Return Authorization (RA) and instructions on shipping your currency to us will be emailed to you.
  4. Package and ship your currency to us. Note that your RA is valid for a limited amount of time.
  5. Once your currency has been authenticated, counted and graded for quality, a check will be sent to you via FedEx.
Check out our video describing the sell process:

Q: How long does the process take?
  • Your RA can be issued as soon as we confirm that we have your ID on file.
  • Your payment will be shipped within one business day of the day that your currency is received.
  • Checks are sent via your choice of Fedex Priority overnight, FedEX Standard overnight or FedEX Two Day. (these are all Business Day deliveries, not weekend or Holidays).
  • Direct Deposit ACH payment should be in your account 1-2 business days .
Q: How do I send my currency to you?
  • Package the currency exactly according to the instructions that are emailed to you with your RA. Please see our redemption packaging instructions for more information.
  • Include a copy of the RA form
  • You may choose any shipping company
Q: How do I send my ID?
  • On the order confirmation page, you can upload required documents listed in the Customer Verification section. You can also upload documents from your Account Verification page.
  • Uploads can be in JPG, PNG and PDF formats.
  • To text documents, simply take a picture on your smartphone and send a message with the picture included to 617-600-8723.
  • Email to
  • Scan a copy and attach to an email.
  • Using a smart phone / iPhone, take a picture and attach the photo to the email.
  • Fax to 617-467-6400
  • Include your name and phone number.
  • We strongly recommend any of the other methods of sending your documents rather than faxing. Faxed documents often appear as black rectangles on our end and we cannot accept documents that we cannot read. If you have no other choice but faxing we recommend that you expand the images of the documents on a copier before you fax them.


Q: Who pays the shipping costs?
  • Sending currency to us - If you did not purchase a FedEx label with your order, you are responsible for the shipping cost when sending the currency to us.
  • Your payment - $25 FedEx fee (deducted from your check)
Q: Shipping a Redemption to the state of Texas
A: We're pleased to announce that under our new license, we are now able to resume our redemption/buy back program in the state of Texas. Please head over to our Sell Currency page to get started.


Q: How much is my currency worth?

Currency Converter

Q: How do I know when my payment will arrive?
A: Payments are sent via FedEx priority overnight service within one business day of receiving your currency. You will receive an email with the FedEx tracking number.
Q: How will I get paid?
A: You will receive a check (in US Dollars) via FedEx.
Q: How is the payment sent to me?
A: The check is sent via FedEx priority overnight service.
Q: What if I have a PO Box (FedEx does not deliver to PO boxes)?
A: Contact customer service at 877-723-3391 or
Q: How quickly will I get paid if I send my currency to you?
A: We guarantee you that your check will be delivered within 2 business days of us signing for your package, however, 95% of customers receive their check the very next day.
Q: How do you calculate the final payout for the Iraqi Dinar, which is quoted in a range?

When you sell back Iraqi Dinar, you’ll notice that your quoted payment amount is presented in a range. We pay more for uncirculated notes, so depending on the quality of your currency, your final payment amount will fall somewhere in this range (assuming your send the exact denominations and count that you specified in your redemption request).

The payment amount is determined precisely based on the number of uncirculated and circulated notes we receive. Here are a couple examples that demonstrate how the calculation is performed. For simplicity, let’s assume you’re selling 100 x 10,000 notes that have a circulated exchange rate of $600 / M and an uncirculated exchange rate of $700 / M. In our example, you’re selling 1,000,000 (or 1M) in foreign currency and the range presented is $600 - $700 before shipping.

  • If we receive 100 uncirculated notes, you’d be paid $700 before shipping, or 1M at $700 / M.
  • If we receive 100 circulated notes, you’d be paid $600 before shipping, or 1M at $600 / M.
  • If we receive 50 uncirculated notes and 50 circulated notes, you’d be paid $650 before shipping, or 0.5M at $700 / M ($350) plus 0.5M at $600 / M ($300).

To see the difference between uncirculated and circulated notes, please see our note quality page .

Return Authorization (RA)

Q: What is an RA number?
A: RA stands for Return Authorization. It is a procedure to ensure an orderly and controlled process to return and compensate you for the currency that you are redeeming.
Q: How long do I have to use my RA?
A: We must receive your currency within 5 business days of the RA's origination date.
Q: What happens if I send in my notes using an expired RA?
A: Any package without a current, valid RA will be refused or the package will be held until payment arrangements can be made to have the package returned to you.
Q: What happens if I create an RA but don't use it?
A: If you create an RA but let it expire you will have to wait thirty days before another RA will be granted.
Q: What if I send a package without an RA?
A: Any package without a current, valid RA will be refused or the package will be held until payment arrangements can be made to have the package returned to you.


Q: What if I don't have an email address?
A: Contact customer service at 877-723-3391 or
Q: How much currency can I sell?

We accept a maximum of $5,000 US dollars’ worth of currency per transaction when checking out online. However, we can accommodate orders of any size, so please contact us at 877-723-3391 for help with setting up a larger request. The $5,000 maximum is imposed to limit your outstanding liability while your currency is in the mail because you are responsible for the package until we receive it.

Once your initial transaction is complete you may request another RA. You may repeat the process as many times as you like until all of your currency has been redeemed.

Q: Are there any other charges/fees?
A: No.
Q: What forms of ID do you accept?
  • Current US driver's license
  • Current US passport
Q: Who is responsible for the currency?
A: You are responsible for the currency until we receive it. Upon receipt your RA will be opened, counted, graded and authenticated under camera. Please package your currency appropriately. Please see our redemption packaging instructions for more information.
Q: Who determines the quality of the currency?
A: The representatives working in our armored facility are responsible for counting, grading and authenticating the notes. The notes are evaluated based on the descriptions you will find here.
Q: What happens to notes you consider unsalable?
A: Unsalable notes will be sent back to you.
Q: How should I package my currency?
A: Follow the instructions EXACTLY as they appear on the form attached to your RA. Packaging Instructions for your redemption can also be found on our Redemption Packaging Instructions page.
Q: Do you guarantee you will buy my currency back?
A: We have been buying currency for the last eight years and we have no intention of stopping. As with any currency exchange, you should know that there are limits on the amount of currency that we can process both in terms of the quantity of transactions and in the total US Dollar amount on any given day. If we have reached either of these limits you will receive a message when attempting to get your RA that will ask you to try again at a later date.
Q: Do you pay more for smaller denominations?
A: No.
Q: Why do I need to send an ID?
A: To comply with guidelines established by the US Treasury and FinCEN.
Q: How is the rate at which you buy back determined?
A: The buyback/redemption rate is based on several factors including the exchange rate, the current demand for currency, and the condition/quality of the note.
Q: Is there a minimum amount I can sell back to
A: There is a $25 FedEx charge for sending your payment. We recommend using the calculator to determine that your currency is worth at least $25.
Q: Can I exchange dinar for gold or silver?

We have received a number of inquiries about exchanging currency, including Iraqi Dinar, for gold or silver.  We do not currently exchange dinar for gold or silver; however we will continue to research the possibility of of offering exchange services for gold and silver, and should the opportunity arise, we will make that available on the web site.

Q: Why did the exchange rate change?

The exchange rates that determine how much we charge (if you're buying) and pay (if you're selling) for foreign currency in USD is updated automatically throughout the day based on factors including supply, demand, current market rates and inventory levels, etc.

Buying Currency

As the exchange rate increases, the USD price for currency will also increase. Conversely, if the exchange rate decreases, the USD price will also decrease. When you place your order, the quoted rate is locked in until 5pm ET of the next business day.

Selling Currency

As the exchange rate increases, you may receive more for your currency. Conversely, if the exchange rate decreases, you may receive less for your currency. The exchange rate and order totals quoted will be locked at the time you place your redemption if your RA (return authorization) is approved. The locked-in rate is contingent upon us receiving your redemption within the 5 business-day lifetime of the RA.

Q: Do you buy back currency purchased from other sellers?
A: Yes. We buy back legitimate currency regardless of where it was acquired.