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What economy do you foresee having the most growth potential?

Published on 2/1/2016

Featured Feedback

  • Iraq: In my opinion I believe Iraq has more potential for Economic Growth because it is an Oil Rich country and It has Gold Reserves.
  • Vietnam: Lots positive activity.
  • China: Debt wise they own other countries!

Summary & Analysis

We're always on the lookout for new exotic currencies from countries with growth potential.

In this survey, we were interested to hear what our customers predicted. The majority of responses were submitted for Iraq, Vietnam and China.

Rate our new design

Published on 6/15/2015

Featured Feedback

  • I like to see all the currency values on one page.
  • New easy to access design.

Summary & Analysis

At the beginning of 2015, underwent complete redesign to provide its customers with more features, a cleaner look, and a more streamlined ordering process.

We posed this question to the community to gauge the success of the project and learn about further improvements we could make.