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Jordan to host Muslim summit aimed at Iraq reconciliation

Jordan will host a conference of Iraq's Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish religious leaders on April 22 in cooperation with the Arab League in a bid to stem violence and sectarian tensions in the neighbouring country, an official statement said.

The "Iraqi Islamic Reconciliation Summit" will be held in Amman and will be attended by "a large number of key Iraqi religious leaders who represent the Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish Iraqis", the statement said.

The conference will be placed under the patronage of King Abdullah II who will "join his voice to those of the Iraqi religious and tribal leaders in calling for an end to violence and religious tensions in Iraq."

It is expected to produce a statement signed by all the participants and indicating "that there is no religious legal basis for hostility and fighting among Shiites and Sunnis," it said.

"The tension and fighting underway in Iraq is taking cover behind religious and sectarian motives ... which is not justified by our noble Muslim religion," the statement said.

Religious leaders from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Turkey, as well as from other Arab countries are also expected to attend.

Participants are to include Sheikh Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi of the Cairo-based Al-Azhar, the highest authority in Sunni Islam, as well as Arab League secretary general Amr Mussa.

The Arab League helping to organise the conference in cooperation with Jordan's Aal al-Bayt (Household of the Prophet) institution, which promotes awareness of Islam.


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