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The Iraq Ministry of Oil News: Exports the First Shipment of the Liquefied Gas

The ministry of oil announced in Saturday the 2nd of July 2016 for the exportation of the first shipment of the flare gas through Um-Qasr port in the south of Iraq.

   Dr. Hamid Y. Salih the deputy minister of gas industry said during the celebration of the occasion that the exported quantity was (2000) tons which is considered as the first step towards the best investment of the associated gas, and a door to enter through to the international market by exporting the surplus quantities which are out of use of Iraq. Dr. Salih described this step as a historical accomplishment and an economic event especially during the challenges which Iraq & the oil sector are passing through.

   Dr. Salih said also that the ministry is taking a good care of the gas sector which was developed and became self-sufficient of the liquefied gas production with a daily production of (5000) tons/ day and export the condensed gas quantities which can be used in the petrochemicals industry in addition to the growth in the dry gas production in order to cover the needs of the power generators in Iraq. He confirmed also that this achievement was done thanks for the strategic plans to invest the gas and increase its production.

   Mr. Simon Diamond the director general of the Basra Gas Company said that his company is proud of this event which was the result of the efforts of the company`s employees which is working since three years to invest the associated gas from three oil fields in Basra province, and the company is working hard to apply its plans in order to achieve a gradual increase in the production levels.

   Mr. Assim Jihad the spokesman of the ministry said that Iraq is a promising country in the production & industry of gas and have big reserves of associated gas which is 70% of the national production, while the other 30% is free gas. Mr. Jihad said also that the ministry of oil is working hard to enforce the place of Iraq on the map of the gas producing countries in the zone and the world through the best investment of this fortune. And said that the ministry was able during the last period to convert a big portion of the burnt energy to a useful one to the power stations & the cement factories & else, and Iraq is aiming to achieve additional financial income in addition to the oil exportation income.

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