Covid Impact: has had to react to many challenges(government restrictions, border closings, flight cancellations etc…) All orders are shipped in the order in which they are approved. Approved Redemptions are always processed within 24 hours. We appreciate your business and we are working diligently to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Please be safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the exchange rate change?

The exchange rates that determine how much we charge (if you're buying) and pay (if you're selling) for foreign currency in USD is updated automatically throughout the day based on factors including supply, demand, current market rates and inventory levels, etc.

Buying Currency

As the exchange rate increases, the USD price for currency will also increase. Conversely, if the exchange rate decreases, the USD price will also decrease. When you place your order, the quoted rate is locked in until 5pm ET of the next business day.

Selling Currency

As the exchange rate increases, you may receive more for your currency. Conversely, if the exchange rate decreases, you may receive less for your currency. The exchange rate and order totals quoted will be locked at the time you place your redemption if your RA (return authorization) is approved. The locked-in rate is contingent upon us receiving your redemption within the 5 business-day lifetime of the RA.