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Frequently Asked Questions

I have IQD banknotes that I would like to sell back but I am concerned that I will not be paid the uncirculated quality rate. What advice would you offer?

We believe that our systems and processes for receiving and grading banknotes is second to none. We use a professional armored services company to receive and grade the banknotes. The staff that reviews and receives the banknotes have years of experience in handling and grading notes. Having said that we know that not everyone is an expert. We suggest the following:
  • Try selling a small quantity of the notes back to see how the process goes and that the grading processes meets your expectations.
  • While we never like to lose a potential customer, banknotes are bearer instruments meaning you should be able sell them wherever IQD is exchanged. It is possible that another dealer may not have the same grading standards as We would caution you to make certain that you are dealing with a reputable dealer before you send them your currency.