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SafeDinar.com FAQs


Q: How long has SafeDinar.com been in business?
A: We have been in business for more than 16 years and have tens of thousands of satisfied customers.
Q: Where is your office located?
A: We operate from several offices around the country. Our home office and headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts. Our mailing address is:

Dartmouth Capital, LLC /SafeD
198 Tremont St
# 444
Boston, MA 02116

For security reasons we do not offer a walk-in address.
Q: Does SafeDinar.com sell their customers' information?
A: No, we do not sell or share customer information. You can review our privacy policy for more infomation.
Q: I am a first time customer. How can I get a better level of comfort about ordering from SafeDinar.com?
A: We understand your concern. SafeDinar.com has been in business for over 16 years now and we have served thousands of satisfied customers. Please feel free to:
  • View our Treasury Registration. Alternately you may visit the US government website for Money Services Business, www.msb.gov. Select the state of Massachusetts, you will be prompted to download an Excel file, our listings are records 12 and 13. We are a registered MSB (Money Services Business).
  • Review the Forums on the web where people relate their buying experiences with the different currency exchange companies.
  • Place a small transaction to start and then make your decision about any further transactions.
  • Review our customer Testimonials - we are very proud of the feedback that we get from our customers. Click here to see customer testimonials.
  • Check out our record with the Better Business Bureau either by clicking here or by calling the BBB directly. We get thousands of BBB inquiries every year.
Q: Do your customer service reps speak Spanish? / Hablas español?
A: Yes, we speak Spanish, French and German. Please leave a message and request a call back.
Sí, hablamos español. Por favor envíenos un correo electrónico a info@safedinar.com con un número de teléfono y hora de preferencia para devolverle la llamada.