To our customers: we have received numerous inquiries about an alleged “news story” regarding a coming change in price for a particular foreign currency. We have seen no substantiated evidence of this. We implore all our customers to use caution when receiving advice to buy or sell foreign currency. Certificate of Authenticity

For security reasons we have incorporated our Certificate of Authenticity into the packing slip that you receive with every order. The packing slip now includes a unique, bar coded hologram. You will find all of the terms and conditions of your transactions on the back of the document.

We use a commercial grade note scanner with counterfeit protection. The scanner contains software specific to the Iraqi Dinar. The security features we check to authenticate the notes are:

  • Horsehead watermark
  • Security thread
  • Color-changing symbol
  • Ultraviolet feature
  • Metallic Ink

Certificate of Authenticity